The Rules:




1. No griefing - If you didn't build it/ don't have permission to use it don't touch it. If you accidentally cause damage to another's base (i.e. a creeper explosion, crop destruction) do your best to fix it. 


2. ABSOLUTELY NO X-RAYING! If you are caught doing so it's an automatic ban.


3. No hacked clients


4. No stealing. No touchy takey if it's not yours.


5. Treat others with respect. No hate speech, harassment (of any kind), or bullying. Zero Tolerance for being disrepectful and rude.


6. No pvping unless it's in designated areas or is mutually agreed upon.


7. Please don't build within the 250 block radius of spawn or other players. If you find a spot that you like and it's by others ask to see if it's okay to base there. If not, move on and find a new spot.


8. Auto-clickers are allowed. Ask a member of staff which one they recommend.


9. TnT/Rail/Carpet dupers are allowed.


10. If you are unsure of something, just ask.